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[ June 28, 2020 by admin_avengers 0 Comments ]

Understanding What is Taking Place Today_1

I have watched so many videos of real American black individuals who are in total disarray about all the riots, looting and the tearing down of statues.
They simply do not understand why the people of their own race would do this. I understand your frustration.
However, once you realize that the leftists have no logic, do not really care about what they are doing, that their goal is simple; and it’s not tearing down statues, they want to tear down America.
They want to destroy the country that has been a beacon for the world. They do not care about black people, white people, brown people, or any people; all they care about is destroying what God built up and planted.
America was a moral beacon to the world; its virtue is was model for other nations to imitate.
Resentment and envy from evil individuals hated this; so they infiltrated this great nation, became leaders in our education system, our federal and local governments, and in our society, for one reason and one reason only… to destroy America.
So, they do not really care about black people, they do not care about brown people, they do not even care about white people; they care only about destruction by any means necessary.
The end justifies the means to these people so they can justify lying, manipulating the truth and conning people into believe they are the ones who truly want what is best for all people, when the goal and intention is to destroy.
Real American’s believe the means is how you will be justified in the end, and the only way this ends is when we real American’s realize we have been conned; we have been lied to; that these leftists use emotions like racism and bigotry to control them. I will repeat this so you can truly understand this: They do not care about black people, they do not care about Hispanics, they do not care about homosexuals, they do not care about transgenders; all they care about is themselves, their ego’s, their agenda, and that agenda is to destroy what God has built. Once we all realize this, we will all be able to sleep at night; we will not be so enraged, frustrated or irritated. And then we can stop electing them and just ignore them like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

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